“You say I care too much, but maybe you just care too little.” Advertisements

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You may be beautiful on the outside, but what a lot of people don’t understand is the outsideIs just a bonus to the beauty you have on the inside. If your insides are ugly (you have a shitty personality, bad attitude, treat people like shit), then no one will give a damn how beautiful you […]

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Can you tell me the point?  What is the point in speaking when no one will listen? For some people, emotional expression is one of the hardest things to do. Sure, we can tell you we are uncomfortable. We can tell you we are happy. However how many people can you remember outright saying they […]

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I dont like being alone, but lately I just feel like I should be. Like I should lock the doors on my life and keep my problems to myself. I have spent so much time being open and honest that I have forgotten what its like to keep secrets and lie. I need to teach […]

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Keep Your Head Up

Don’t let life go puttin you down There’s too much goin on to be wearin a frown Sure life makes you wanna put a bullet in your head Got people in your life make you wish you were dead But I’m tellin you now you gotta keep your head up Every cloud has a silver […]

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John Doe

I could be anyone in a crowd of one and you wouldnt know me from Jim or Joe we could talk for a while I could spend weeks making you smile But no matter what I say By the end of the day I might as well be the same You wont even remember my […]

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