Keep Your Head Up

Don’t let life go puttin you down

There’s too much goin on to be wearin a frown

Sure life makes you wanna put a bullet in your head

Got people in your life make you wish you were dead

But I’m tellin you now you gotta keep your head up

Every cloud has a silver lining tell the haters to shut up

You are your own gem your own star 

Got your own journey your own life you choose how far

You wanna go. Don’t let others tell you what to do

Because at the end of the day the choice is up to you

People are going to hate and bring only sadness and pain

They’ll lie cheat and steal It’ll drive you insane

Just keep your head above the water

Keep your eyes forward don’t falter

There’s a reason the past is the past

If you walk staring behind you you’ll lose your way fast

Keep looking forward keep your eyes on the prize

A while down the road one day you’ll realize

You are special amazing and wonderful

You are who you want to be inside and out beautiful


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