I can’t shake this feeling To always want to please you Every day you leave me reeling Hooked on everything you do I fall asleep thinking How can express myself But I don’t have an inkling So I just figured this would help I smile like an fool at most things you say If we […]

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Who am i to you? Am I just another way to pass the time? Am I just nothing to you? There for when you need me, silent like a mime. I have feelings too. I’ve had my heart broken. I thought I was falling for you left here all alone i just keep chokin on […]

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Don’t Ignore Her

She looks around. she wonders why You won’t make a sound She’s gonna cry She just wants to hear You talk tonight Your silence makes her tear Up inside I can’t stand it But I can’t hide. Talk to her I demand it This isn’t fair she’s your girlfriend Why do you ignore her I […]

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Sleep, why hast thou abandoned me? Dreams, why hast thou forsaken me? Why must you taunt me with your beauty? refuse to captivate me with your mystery Bar me from the gates of serenity Oh sleep why hast thou abandoned me?

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She said I cant be alone Though I cant see her face Or hear her voice through the phone She said I haven’t looked in the right place But I cant think of where I haven’t looked Where I haven’t tried The love hotel is completely booked Unless of course they lied Just to leave […]

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Never Forgotten

I had never forgotten you Through the days and the nights I had never forgotten you All the quarrels and fights I remember all the pain I remember all the tears Falling like the rain For all of those years I remember all the times I cried The times I wept The times I lied […]

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The One

I don’t want to be the one To make the story about nothing Or the poem that is just A waste of everyone’s time   I don’t want to be the one Who talks about everything And has no feeling or enthusiasm And just kills the mood   I want to shape the hearts Of […]

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