I can’t shake this feeling

To always want to please you

Every day you leave me reeling

Hooked on everything you do
I fall asleep thinking

How can express myself

But I don’t have an inkling

So I just figured this would help
I smile like an fool at most things you say

If we disagree I’ll let you have your way

I’m too engrossed in you everyday

My heart is yours, shape it like clay
I can’t imagine what I would have done

If we had never met

You who are hotter than the sun

And more beautiful than a sunset
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you

No mountain I wouldn’t climb

No trial I wouldn’t go through

Just to call you mine
Is this love I’m feeling

This longing in my chest

It is so overwhelming 

Urging me to be my best
Got this heart of mine aching 

Wanting you by my side

So many emotions I’m feeling

I’m glad to have you along for the ride