Who am i to you?

Am I just another way to pass the time?

Am I just nothing to you?

There for when you need me, silent like a mime.

I have feelings too.

I’ve had my heart broken.

I thought I was falling for you

left here all alone i just keep chokin

on my words

i have everything to say and nothing to lose

but the words

there are so many in my head its so hard to choose

i keep wondering if you ever cared

keep pondering if you faked those moments we shared

im just sitting here wondering

debating contemplating

if i should try to push forward through the dark

or lie here bleeding and wait for the shark

that is my mind

let the pain engulf me and maybe ill find

some peace

if i let it bring me to my knees

maybe ill find something someone somewhere

someone who can say they care

and actually mean it