That Special Girl

There is a girl
amoungst all the rest

but this one is no ordinary girl

one would go so far as to call her the best
for this girl

this extraordinary girl

this raven haired beauty of a girl

may very well be the most amazing in the world
it started on one february morn

i saw her face- such a beautiful face

over and over again that morn

her face again and again only her face
with her eyes like onyx gems

begging me to gaze deeper

to delve into them

and become engrossed in the sweet darkness
jShe wasnt like any other

she listened. she cared

we started talking to each other

in a way i wasnt prepared
i was so used to being hurt

being loved and in the end left alone

worthless in the dirt

but she said shee was different. a chance was needed- just one
she stole my heart

that beautiful temptress

and she promised this was just the start

all i had to do was love her and enjoy the rest
the next few months passed like a blur

never have i gone so long so…. happy

i couldnt think of anything better than being with her

and it seemed like she didnt want anything more than o be with me
Then came the winter storm

coming like the cold front it is

though instead of beckoning cuddling of some form

it brought other challenges for us.
There was a time her smile shone defectless

now there was always a hint of sadness

a longing to confess

my absense was causing her duress
I was working extra shifts

i thought it would help us be closer

but while i was dealing with people’s bullshit

I didnt notice I was losing her
I remember the first night i saw her

She was so shy so

her friendds knew she liked me and they teased her

they said we should be together
her hair finy-by desiign

All I wanted in the world

was for her to be mine

For her to be my girl
But in the end

The fates weren’t kind


–This poem is to forever stay incomplete–


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